Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Spicy Joke!

A pair of ice fishermen thought they had caught a monster fish -- but they got an even bigger surprise than they bargained for at the end of the line.

Jason Mechtel and Jeff Klein went out on Lake Waconia in Minnesota to try and lure a monster muskie, but they quickly got a shock, MyFoxTwinCities reported.

“I mean, it didn’t take two seconds and this rattle reel went off,” said Klein.

Soon, every line was going crazy. The pair thought they had a monster fish pulling their lines out until they looked down.

“I literally almost had a heart attack,” said Klein.

A hand broke the surface of the water.

“I didn’t know what to do -- if I should shake it, or what,” said Mechtel.

A scuba diver whose safety line got snagged began sending rope up to them, and soon, they found their hook.

They removed the hook and sent the line back down, and were given a thumbs up by their aquatic acquaintance.

It turned out that three divers had gone into a hole just a short distance from where the two men were fishing, and had placed a flag indicating that they were down -- but the two fishermen had never seen one before and didn’t know what it meant.

The diver later came by to apologize and offered a couple beers as a peace offering, the fishers said.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Spicy Tale

It started out to be a promising day with high hopes of great vis and flat seas ? the Dive Vessel Gypsyblood was set to run to the San Saba and so as she cleared the inlet, Capt Jim turned south. It seemed the further south we ran, the worst the seas got, until we arrived at the SanSaba in what I would call washing machine conditions. While the vis was good, and a ton of fish were seen, the current from top to bottom made swimming to state it mildly - tough. A decision was made to run back north and dive inshore and the wreck called Delaware was picked.

As we arrived in the middle of a bluefish fleet, I left the boat with the intention to tie us in at the boiler ? As I got down I saw we were right on the wreck. I can say I was slightly surprised by Capt Jims accuracy? anyway?. being only on the decking I brought the chain to what I thought was the boiler, but what turned out to be the bow chain pile/hauler ? Water is still warm, there was a bit of current, vis was like ten foot ? not bad considering it is the Delaware. After a quick tie in, I do what I normally do on this wreck, which mean putts around looking for artifacts and stuff ? After a nice but uneventful dive, I noticed a dime like green button laying on the gravel ? I was like hey that looks like a coin jokingly, but thru it in the bag anyway -

What happen next will be written up in the history of NJ diving from this time forward

Crewing today was myself, young harry, and Tim, and as the conditions were not so great, both Harry and Tim had not gotten to do a dive yet, but I was now doing my third, not counting unhooking a line from the boat bottom, again earning myself the name ?dive whore?. While this name maybe true in more ways then one, I cut my dive short as to give the other guys a chance to get in the water. I know I am such a great guy, but before I go any further, this part of the story is not about me, it belongs to young Harry, ?one of the only two physically fit crew members? of the Gypsyblood crew. You know its Funny how people get there nick names and more funny is that the same person named us both? anyway Young Harry is a good diver with a big heart and quick to laugh, and its nice to see that sometime the good guy gets the goods ? anyway young harry dropped in right after I came back . I should state that harry loves to dig for stuff, not dig like I do, Harry loves to find things, research them, restore them back to there original condition, I do something different?

So harry drops down and starts looking for something to find ? about 4 feet to my right, where I found my coin, and he see a tiny bit of brass peaking out of the muddy gravel. As he dug around the shiny bit, he could tell he was digging cylinder shape out of the mud ? I believe he though it was a cleat or bit, but as he dug down he saw felt it flare out, and as his finger got under the edge ? his heart began to race ? he was digging a large, heavy BELL out of the mud!!!

Now I know all you experts out there are thinking the bell from the Delaware was already recovered, and that is true, but what most people don?t realize that a ship can have more then one bell and this one was located on the bow?

After he got the bell out of the mud, he recruited a diver named Declan, famous in his own right, who was doing his own thing and just returning from his dive. After a brief shouting episode under water, Harryana Jones whips out his bell recovery rope, I am not kidding, ties his prize off and lifts it to the surface ? dive over in like ten minutes ? after a bit of screaming on the surface, capt jim grabs the bag and lifts the 40 lb bell to the deck of the Gypsyblood and everyone starts screaming!!!!

I of course having tied us in at that spot and being part of the expedition/recovery team immediately state that part of the bell is mine lol , and looking at my Indian head penny, I try to trade him the bell for it ? somehow he manages to be polite in the face of such stupidity lololol

As the back slapping, congratulations, and photo ops go all around, I jump right in to get my photo taken with the bell - why not, the next best thing to finding the bell is getting a photo of you holding it and saying you were part of it lololololol ? there was even a second when Capt Jim wanted us to stop taking photos because he wanted to have control of the photos for himself lololol ? I was like what!!!?? ? Anyway the 1st bell had bronze disease and is now wasted away or so I was told, so I gave up my giant Icebucket to put the bell in underwater until harry could figure out what to do with it ? See I did help so everyone who was doubting my efforts can go pound salt. And as the phone calls went out and everyone of them stating the bell was already found, the smiles got bigger and bigger. The bell is so big it can not fit into a 5 gallon pail!!!!! ? Anyway a nasty day on the water turned into something special for everyone ? When I spoke to Dan Lieb, later today he already had a photo of it in front of him lololol ? lolol man news travels fast ?

Congrats, Young Harry I am glad it was you who found the Bell?..

I remain
The bartman

Friday, October 22, 2010

Diving News

Associated Press
STOCKHOLM (AP) — Divers have discovered what is thought to be the world's oldest drinkable champagne, fishing a bottle of the centuries-old bubbly from a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea.

Dive instructor Christian Ekstrom says the champagne, believed to be from the 1780's, "tasted fantastic." Ekstrom said Saturday he's "98 percent sure" of the champagne's age, having conferred with experts.

About 30 bottles are believed to remain in the wreckage. Swedish wine expert Carl-Jan Granqvist says each bottle could bring as much as euro50,000 if the corks are intact and the age and authenticity can be proven. Samples have been sent to champagne laboratories in France for testing.

The bottles were discovered Tuesday near the Aland islands, in the Baltic Sea between Finland and Sweden.